Monday, 6 January 2014

It is official

When we thought about doing this trip, we thought about how much visas and such would cost for Kalina, and since she has been in the UK over five years.  It was decided she would apply to become a British citizen.  This was a long process involving a lot of waiting, lots of forms, a test and even going down to Edinburgh, can't forget costing at least £1000 with everything combined.  So, yesterday, in the post, we got the letter, to see if Kalina would be British or not, and it was a yes.  The joys after such a long and nerve wrecking wait, the decision that could change so much for our trip and leaving date.

This means that on the 1st of April 2014,  Kalina and I will start our trip, leaving Inverness behind, and working our way to Poland, more on the start of our route in another post.  This is just to say about Kalinas great achievement and we will definitely be leaving at the end of March.

Whooooo fuckin hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!