Wednesday, 8 January 2014

82 jours

So with 82 days to go, and despite having quite a lot of things already got, not a lot of things are ready.  We still need to get vaccinations, new passports, Kalina obviously can't get hers till after the ceremony on the 30th January.  We need new direct debit card, one to last 5 years instead of the usual 3, don't know how this will plan out.  We also need to apply for a credit card, so if something happens when we are away, we have this card to get us where we have to go in an emergency.  Also our phones we were financing, so we need to pay them off, I am supposed to be taking my ukulele with us to play and busk, I don't know any songs, I need to practice, is hard working so much and then sorting other things out at home when I get here.  Still a few more items to buy to take with us, sort our stuff out fully to sell, throw and pack away.

As for our route, or the start of it let's say.  We will start straight from Inverness, and head south, planning a couple of visits on the way, to some friends on the outskirts of London, Kalina's sister, maybe my grandparents too.  We still aren't too sure on getting accross the channel, thinking probably try and hitch the tunnel, and see how that plays out, if that doesn't work after two days we can try in Dover for a lift on the ferry.  After wards we will try and go to  Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, as Kalina has always wanted to go.  After that we will try and go to a village just south of Munich where I stayed at a flat once a friend has and left some stuff there, I will see if I can pick it up and take it with us, our next stop, if, which at the moment, isn't happening, and if Kalina allows it, is to go to Berlin and see 65daysofstatic play live, they are playing their first album in full as well as another set.  After this we will go to Kalina's parents where we will stay, and celebrate easter, my first Polish easter :s , and Kalina will apply for a Polish passport, while waiting for that, we will head to Bucharest, Romania, where we have tickets to go to the East-Europe Comic-Con, we are very excited.  After this weekend event, we may go straight back to Poland or go through Moldova then Ukraine, where I have a friend who is willing to let us stay at his, and we can see a country we love so much one last time for awhile.  Eventually we will collect Kalina's passport and head South, we are not too sure which countries exactly, or how long for, or anything like that.  This trip, is not for these choices, this trip is for a whatever ideal.