Thursday, 19 December 2013

The first one of many

Hello all, this is our first post in our new blog.  This blog is for us to dribble and ramble on about our exploits and plans for the world.  During the year of 2013 some point, I had the idea of looking at a map and seeing how easy it would be to hitch across land.  Seeing it wasn't so hard I showed Kalina, and we agreed that this would be our plan.  So we looked more into it and this would be our goal, during 2014 at some point, we would leave, on a hitch hiking trip around the world.

For now we have got the majority of our supplies, a lot more important things need done though, such as visa stuffs, jabs amd up to date passports, a credit card and a few other things.  So the next few weeks and months before we go, we hope we can give more information on some kind of route, direction, leaving date, plans on how to surivive on the road, what we are taking and all other things like that.